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As you progress through your taper schedule and are starting to free your body and brain of benzodiazepine dependency, our focus will turn to ensuring we create a life where you can have mental clarity, increased confidence and general health and happiness.

Throughout the program we will be working with you, to understand your goals and issues and address them, coaching you and assessing your needs frequently.

As a team, we will create your long term personal roadmap to address both the obvious and also, hidden or underlying functional health problems.

Our goal is for you to achieve optimal life satisfaction, health and happiness.

Fundamentally, our program and our processes are formulated with a ‘whole-person’ outlook. Experience has taught us, and extensive research confirmed, that both physical and psychological problems are inter-connected through our body’s systems and our brains. Our approach ensures we implement change in a multi-system way rather than just treating individual symptoms.

Every treatment we propose or supplement we recommend has been proven effective, either scientifically-based, research-based or from practitioner and patient based experiences.

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