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The benzodiazepine taper doctor

Valsa Madhava MD


Having treated thousands of patients with addictions in various capacities, the difference in benzo-dependent patients was startlingly clear.

Dr. Madhava made it her mission to change the way the medical profession treats benzo dependency, using a functional medicine approach in order to help them achieve a full recovery and ongoing wellness.

Since 2017 she has dedicated her career to learning more about the effect of the drug on the body and brain and devising alternate, evidence-based approaches to treating benzo dependency, becoming a prolific benzo withdrawal doctor in the New York/Connecticut area.

Dr Madhava is also the leading physician at BrainBodyMedical which treats long term drug and alcohol use and addiction.

On the personal side, Dr. Madhava spends much of her free time exercising, exploring spirituality, cooking, traveling and spending time with her family.



Peptide Therapy

Medical Cannabis Certification

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Dr. Valsa Madhava was a special guest during the post-screening of "As Prescribed" film by Holly Hardman

Holly Hardman, director of the film: As Prescribed, discussed Dr. Madhava during an interview.

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