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We want to first get to know you.

We aim to understand your physiology by performing various different lab tests. Through interviews and questionnaires, we evaluate your general health and mental wellness as well as get an understanding of your issues and goals.

To us, preparation is key. We take extra care and detail over this initial period to ensure that your journey with us is successful and entails minimal discomfort. As a result, we hope you will gain confidence in yourself and your ability to create a better life for yourself that is sustainable and rewarding.

We will work through a process of identifying which symptoms you are experiencing through various methods:

  • Psychological symptoms (e.g. anxiety, hypochondria, panic attacks, paranoia, phobias)

  • Behavioural symptoms (e.g. aggression, anger, depression, suicidal thoughts)

  • Cognitive symptoms (e.g. memory dysfunction)

  • Excitability symptoms (e.g. restless legs, jumpiness, akathisia)

  • Perception symptoms (e.g. nightmares, insomnia)

  • Social symptoms

  • Physical symptoms

We may recommend supplements to support you and/or treat with other functional medicines.

We are focused on remedying the imbalances that are causing your symptoms. We start with a comprehensive, personalized evaluation of the root causes of your instability and symptoms. Treating these underlying imbalances will relieve post-acute withdrawal discomfort.

This in most cases includes an elimination diet and an exercise regime as a minimum.

  • Blood testing to look for metabolic imbalances

  • Hair tissue mineral analysis for heavy metals and minerals

  • Stool testing for gut health and digestion

  • Urine and syliva testing for hormones

  • Genetic testing and methylation

  • Expert review of questionnaires and lab tests to identify root causes of imbalances

  • Partnership with patients to determine goals

  • Discussion and selection of personalised treatment options

  • Targeted amino acid supplements for optimal neurotransmitter function

  • Additional supplements based on lab results

  • Personalized food plan

  • Psychosocial support

  • Other therapies

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