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The Benzo Taper Doctor Programs Overview

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Select from our different treatment options
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I. Consultant Program

Program cost: $500 per visit
Additional costs will depend on the cost of the testing recommended.
Neurotransmitter Balancing, if desired: Additional $200 per month

Our Consultant Program, the second option, is tailored for individuals who experience symptoms associated with benzodiazepine use. In addition to our basic tapering program, this option incorporates targeted tests to identify underlying deficiencies and imbalances. We also recommend neuroplasticity programs, lifestyle modifications, and nutrient supplements to promote stability and optimize the health of the brain and body.

Additionally, we believe that incorporating our neurotransmitter balancing program will be advantageous for your taper. 

Our Integrative Program is ideally suited for:

  1. Individuals who may or may not have a physician who is willing to write tapering doses of benzodiazepines. 

  2. Individuals who would like to have more physician support

  3. Individuals who would like to discover the root causes of symptoms

  4. Individuals who are willing to have regular functional medicine consults via video conference and phone

  5. Individuals who are willing to buy and use supplements as recommended 

  6. Individuals who are willing to meet with nutritionists and other specialists if recommended


This program consists of:

1 -Gathering information via questionnaires

2- Testing of blood, stool, urine, and hair as recommended

3- Evaluation and discussion of test results

4- Detailed functional medicine visits

III. Comprehensive Program

Our comprehensive program expands upon the services provided in the Consultant program. It is a concierge program that offers a comprehensive range of services, including extensive testing, nutrient supplements, and access to consultants. This program is specifically designed to support individuals dealing with various symptoms associated with benzodiazepine use. With this program, you benefit from regular and frequent access to Dr. Madhava. Furthermore, because the program's comprehensive, all-inclusive nature ensures that a single monthly fee covers all expenses, this program leads to increased monthly costs.


In this program, the physician will work closely with the patient and their family to fully understand and address their symptoms. Currently, we have limited understanding of the neurotoxic  changes induced by benzodiazepine use.  We will utilize various functional medicine tests to assess for brain and body imbalances.  Supplements, medications, and molecules may be carefully and extensively employed, along with lifestyle modifications, to alleviate distress. Coaches and consultants will be available as needed to provide support.

Benzodiazepine tapering may be initiated as part of the program, with a gradual reduction of 2.5% in dosage every 10 days to 2 weeks. Additionally, if deemed appropriate, the option of switching to a different benzodiazepine can be considered.

This program is ideally suited for:

1 - Individuals who continue to experience intolerable symptoms despite a slow taper.

2- Individuals who would like to correct the root causes of symptoms

3- Individuals who would benefit from extensive physician support throughout the taper

4- Individuals who would like to understand the science behind the withdrawal symptoms

5- Individuals who want to maximize their chances of a successful taper

6- Individuals who would like to judiciously expedite the taper

This all-inclusive program consists of:

1 - Gathering information via questionnaires

2- Testing of blood, stool, urine, and hair

3- Detailed, frequent medical visits

4- Nutritional and psycho-spiritual supports, as needed

5- Supplemental nutrients based on testing and information gathered

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