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Comprehensive Treatment Phase 1 – Testing


We want to first get to know you.

We aim to understand your physiology performing various different lab tests. Through interviews and questionnaires, we evaluate your general health and mental wellness as well as get an understanding of your issues and goals.

To us, preparation is key. We take extra care and detail over this initial period to ensure that your journey with us is successful and entails minimal discomfort. As a result, we hope you will gain confidence in yourself and your ability to create a better life for yourself that is sustainable and rewarding.

Comprehensive Treatment Phase 2 – Taper

Starting, managing, and supporting your taper.

We want you to feel in control but supported every step of the way. We can switch to a long acting benzo if you choose or taper with the current medication. The schedule and process of tapering we devise together is unique to you and guided by Dr. Madhava.

In our experience, a comprehensive team based approach like we are offering is what is required for a successful taper and to create an optimal life beyond the benzo prescription.


Comprehensive Treatment Phase 3 – Transform

As you progress through your taper schedule and are starting to free your body and brain of benzo dependency, our focus will remain to ensure we help you create a life where you can have mental clarity, increased confidence, and general health and happiness.

Throughout your journey with us, we will frequently reaffirm your goals and issues and address them, coaching you and assisting you as needed.

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