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A Patient's Viewpoint

I was determined to taper off of Klonopin because I wanted to have a baby. I knew I needed to stop taking the drug before falling pregnant, but I hadn’t expected the maternal urge to take over my body quite out of the blue. I felt anxious when I then started to read, article after article, about people not being able to cope without benzos and struggling to get off them. I was frantic and determined to not let the Klonopin stop me from having the baby I so desperately wanted.

I started a taper programme using a Klonopin suspension but I felt alone, very anxious and twitchy. I didn’t feel stable enough to even think about conceiving and that scared me.

Dr Valsa Madhava couldn’t have been more of a comfort and support to me. Over the 2 months it took me to taper off of my 0.5mg dose, she was my confidant and my rock. She tested me to find what the cause of my imbalances were and after taking various supplements for a few weeks, I was back feeling determined and confident that I could succeed.

I’m so happy now, with my 9-month-old baby girl in my arms, so that the reasons I took Klonopin in the first place are just a distant memory.

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