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The Benzo Taper Doctor 


Optimize Your Benzo Taper 


Choose from our different treatment options

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 Our Benzodiazepine Tapering Services

       Our practice provides different treatment options:
                                        I. Consultant Program
                                        II. Comprehensive Program

The Best way to taper off
     Our functional medicine practice does not accept medical insurance.

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Patient Reviews

 Comprehensive Program Overview

We want to get to know you better. We will perform extensive assessments through interviews, questionnaires, and various lab tests to establish your starting point.

This will be a patient-led, physician-guided approach. The pace of the taper will be based on your unique needs and physiology.

After our initial set of comprehensive evaluations, you will be presented with a Roadmap of your journey to an optimal life beyond the impacts of benzos

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Bio  and  Vision

The Benzo Taper Doctor

Dr. Valsa Madhava has an extensive and varied medical background. Having treated thousands of patients with addictions of various types, she is an expert in supervised withdrawals and rehabilitation.

Her work in the specific treatment of benzodiazepine dependency has become a focus of her career.

She is committed to researching and exploring what is still unknown. Why is it that benzodiazepines create such havoc in a significant number of patients who use benzodiazepines? And what is the physiological cause of these symptoms?

She has developed a unique outpatient program, evaluating and addressing the root causes of benzodiazepine dependence using a collaborative treatment model.

Success Stories

Working with Patients

Our unique program is based on fully understanding your physiology and needs and providing you with the resources required to optimize your journey to optimal health.

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What Patients Say About the Program

We aim to support and coach the individual through to a point where they are confident and comfortable with their new independent life.

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"Dr Madhava is very invested in her patients and genuinely wants to help them. I love the fact that she reaches out to me in between appointments to see how I am doing. She isn't stuck in one mindset when it comes to treating conditions which many doctors are."

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